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    This is a blog focusing on reviews I write of Asian dramas. The articles posted on this blog are reviews – in other words, they are my own opinions based on my own experiences of watching dramas, and are written for informal information and entertainment purposes only. I try to ensure that any facts/statements that I include in my reviews are as accurate as possible to the best of my knowledge, but what I write will be based on my own understanding of what I believe are facts, so I do not take responsibility for any incorrect information or any absence of important information.
    My reviews are solely to give the reader an idea of what the drama is like, but it is the reader’s own decision what they do with that information – I am not responsible for any decisions made and/or actions taken by the reader in response to my reviews. For example: I am not responsible should you decide to buy the DVD box set of a drama or subscribe to a video streaming service to watch the drama in response to my favourable review of it, and you end up feeling that you have wasted your money because you did not like it.
    If my review has piqued your interest in a drama or even turned you away from it, please do some more research on it to get a better idea of what your experience with it may be like – do not rely solely on my review when making decisions on watching a drama. I will never write reviews on dramas I personally feel have no merit, and neither will I persuade/tell readers not to watch a particular drama. I will always be fair in talking about both the good and bad sides of a drama (as I perceive them). I will never degrade a drama or intentionally destroy the reputation of a drama in writing my reviews.
    Also please note: I am NOT paid or compensated to review.
    Please do not reproduce and/or quote my reviews elsewhere – if you wish to quote from one or reference it, please ask me for my permission first.