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    Welcome to micaelasmusings!

    Hi there! As you would have guessed, my name is Micaela! I am a prose writer, an avid reader, a deep-thinker/day-dreamer and an unashamed master of puns.

    This blog started out as a platform to share my recollections of my trip to the Gallipoli Centenary Commemorations as a NZ Youth Ambassador in 2015. However, I want to keep writing here because, as I mentioned above, I’m a deep-thinker…lots of musings. And I happen to have become somewhat obsessed with Asian dramas in recent months, so I’m starting to write reviews and post them up here.

    Please bear with me because this is my first ever attempt at writing a blog. I’m excited to be trying blogging, and I want to say a big thank you to my Uncle and Aunt for setting this up and dealing with the technical bits of running a blog, thus giving me the opportunity to have a writer’s voice on the World Wide Web despite my appalling IT skills!

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