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    En route – Day 4

    DAY 4 of 4: Canakkale

    And we arrive in Turkey! Canakkale is a small city/big town on the waterfront, where we stayed for the majority of the trip. The town being on the water, it was COLD. It was spring at the time, although it felt like winter with summer sun…I liked it! And our […]

    En route – Day 3

    DAY 3 of 4: Dubai

    Dubai was something else entirely. You definitely know you aren’t anywhere near home anymore! You kind of fancy that you’re in an Aladdin movie, especially as you’ve just seen orange desert and a few camels from the plane as you were flying in – it was so awesome! It […]

    En route – Day 2

    Day 2 of 4: Penang

    Penang! To be honest, Penang was so unlike anything in NZ that I felt a bit intimidated and much like a fish out of water – my first impression of the city left me disliking Penang. However, we went exploring a little after arriving at our hotel, and it didn’t […]

    En route – Day 1

    First, before we get to the heavy, life-changing stuff, I’ll just cover some of our journey en route to Turkey because it was one of the most culture-rich experiences I’ve ever had – and we hadn’t even arrived at our ultimate destination yet!

    As we had only one flight crew, we had to have one-night […]