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    En route – Day 1

    First, before we get to the heavy, life-changing stuff, I’ll just cover some of our journey en route to Turkey because it was one of the most culture-rich experiences I’ve ever had – and we hadn’t even arrived at our ultimate destination yet!

    As we had only one flight crew, we had to have one-night stop overs along the way to Turkey. It took about four days – we left NZ for Darwin (Australia) and stayed a night there, then stopped over in Penang (Malaysia) for a night, then Dubai (UAE) for a night, and then we arrived at Canakkale in Turkey, where we stayed for the majority of the trip. So to sum it up – five countries in five days. Wow! It felt as though we had travelled almost half way around the globe, and in Turkey the timezone difference to NZ was nine hours!

    DAY 1 of 4: Darwin

    I had been to Darwin once before and had already fallen in love with the place (well…certain aspects, definitely not the heat or all the creatures [big and small] out to kill you) and being back there made me quite nostalgic. It was amusing to see everyone’s reactions to the heat – at least I knew what to expect, so I was lucky!


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